SEM 510

SEM 510

Engine Specification

EmissionChina StageII
Std Rated Power-Gross97.5 kW
Rated Speed
2,200 r/min
Composite Work Cycle Fuel Consumption (l/hour)
560/1,400-1,600 N m/rpm
Ambient Capability-STD Sea Level
Ambient Capability-HA Sea Level
49 Deg C
Ambient Capability-Cold Weather-10 Deg C

Operating Sepcification

Machine Mass w/Std Config

10,000+3% kg
Weight at Drum w/Std Config

Weight on Rear Axle4,100 kg
Static Linear Load
217 N/cm
Max. Grade Ability w/o vibbration
45 %
Articulated Angle33±1 °
Turning Radius Inside Drum Edge
5,990 mm
Compaction Width2,130 mm

Travel Speed

Lo Range0 to 5.5 km/hr
Hi Range0 to 12 km/hr


Full Turn Time6±0.5 s

Vibratory System

Freqency-Hi/Lo33/30 HZ
Amplitude-Hi/Lo0.90/1.80 mm
Centrifugal Force-Hi/Lo
130/215 kN


Machine Dimensions[L*W*H]
5,815*2,290*3,130 mm
Oscillation Angle10±1 °
2,900 mm
Tread Width1,600 mm
Drum Width
2,130 mm
Drum Diameter
1,590 mm


Tire Pressure Setting0.35 Mpa